The van

The engine

The interior I started with

Begin Deconstruction... gutting the interior

Interior done gutted...


Finished dynamatting

Bring on the new carpet!

This is the vehicles primary use... DJ gear

The first new panel constructed, appholstered, and installed with speaker!

Begin the wiring!

Wiring crazyness!

More new panels

Hatch panel installed

The rest of the panels and seats go in

I bought these nice black tiles from Lowes... they fit great and protect the floor from cargo loading etc.

Back to the wiring mess....

Starting to get the wires routed and taped down...

Wires are neatly bundled and tied down...

The laying of dynamat over the floor pans... also used to cover wiring lumps before putting the carpet back in.

Wiring under passenger seat for 2 Channel amp and crossovers for components

Wiring mostly done, Radio installed.

2 Channel amp installed with crossovers and wiring.

Trimmed the door panels to house the 6.5" woofers from my components

Ran the wires for the 4" speakers and the 6.5" woofers

I had to flush mount the speaker into the doors so once i put the grills on they'd still fit against the dash.

Door Panels with grills on.

Door panels installed with all the hardware and both speakers

Drivers side door finished

Passenger door done

Floors are both a mess, but the doors are in.

I started the wiring today for my aux battery.... This is 0 Gage wire so I made the decision to route it under the car rather than try to put it under the carpet and end up with a massive lump... This wire will go from the aux battery to the underside of the rear seat where I'll mount my amps. Here it is going from the battery box under the car.

Wiring the Battery Box

Here is the underside of the battery box where it appears underneath the car.

Another shot from the drivers side wheel well.

Here you can see the wire coming through between the gas tank and the vehicle floor.

Here you can see the wire routing around the gas tank to join some other static wiring.

Wire routing again.

Wire routing....

More wire routing.

I used an existing hole to push the wire through... there was no hole on the other side so I made one.

Here you can see the wire going through the hole I made and out the other side. I then drilled a hole above it that comes out right next to the heater box underneath the seat.

Another better shot from under the vehicle... you can see the wire routed and pushed up into the underseat area of the car.... the suspenion mounts are just the left in the photo.

Close up shot of the loop around.

The wire coming back into the vehicle

The wire comes back into the vehicle.

I wired up the distribution block leaving enough slack so it could be pulled out for easy access.

another shot of the distribution block.

frst amp gets placed under the seat

both amps under te seats and wired up.

got the wire run between the battery boxes. This is a 100 amp circuit breaker that will go after the auxilary battery on the way to the back seat for the amps.

another shot of the breaker.

Here's the aux. battery box getting wired up.

wiring... Look at that, a PAIR of 0 gage grounds!


ad more wiring

what you see here to the left is a AC to DC power inverter.... IE i could run the stereo with the car plugged into the wall and the car would never die. Also you see the blue wire going to the breaker for the amps, and a red wire coming from the battery isolator

that black thing there is a 200 amp pac battery isolator. It charges the aux battery off the car battery while the vehicle is running.... basically just a giant relay.

So now the aux battery system and amps and chargers are in place.

The vehicle came back from the shop with a full new exhaust system among other things.... it runs allot better now!

Next steps:
Finish up the carpeting around the seat boxes and floorboard.
Build Sub Enclosure for 2 15" Orion P series competition subs
Add Cigarette lighter plugs to the face of the panel under the rear seats (this will be a nice touch).
Install DC to AC power inverter (somewhere) for AC appliances.
Re Pinstripe the outside of the van to match the new interior appholstry.

I think that'll be about it.... And on Sunday July 16th you can expect to see me at waterfest with it to compete in the soundoff!